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Based on web visitors’ browser cookies and IP addresses, the system captures information about web visitors, allowing you to more optimally chat with web visitors.  This information is saved in the Contacts tab.  You can use this Contacts tab as a customer relationship manager (“CRM”) tool, where you can edit and add information about web visitors, leave notes about the contact, view their activity, and more. 

This page explains how you can navigate the Contacts tab and use the features within this tab. 

General Information 

When you first access the Contacts tab, you will see an overview of your contacts. 

This includes information on:

  • Contact’s name
  • Source Icon: How the contact was generated
    OR Contact Discovery in PlayRunner
  • Company name
  • Lead Score
  • Date Added
  • Last Seen
  • Origin Play
  • Added to: If you have the contacts added to your CRM or enrolled in a marketing campaign from Palyrunner.

Note: To view more details on a contact click the contacts name and a new window will open. To learn more about viewing contact details check out this help doc.

Contacts Tool Bar

The toolbar is a great way to search, sort, filter, export and send updates about your contacts You can learn more about these features here!

Adding a Contact 

Fortunately, adding a new contact from this menu is simple. 

  1. Click on the “Add contact” icon at the top-right portion of this page: 
  1. You’ll then be presented with the Create Contact menu.  Fill out any fields you have information for and click “Save”: 

Manually add Contact to Integration

Now you can manually add a contact to your CRM:

  1. Select the menu icon (i.e., the three vertical dots on far right of contact)
  2. Select Add to Integration
  1. In the pop up select which integration you want to add the contact to, and select the list/campaign to send them to.

Deleting a Contact 

To delete a contact:

  1. Select the menu icon (i.e., the three little circles) at the right of the contact’s icon and then select “Delete Contact”’: 

Then confirm the deletion by selecting “Delete” on the next popup: 

Custom Fields 

To access your custom contact fields, simply click on the Custom Fields icon toward the top of the screen: 

To learn more about using Custom Contact Fields, you can visit this support page

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