Using Saved Replies in Chat


The Saved Replies feature is an extremely useful tool available to chat agents. Saved Replies allow you to save a message you commonly use while chatting with web visitors and then insert that message quickly while chatting. This allows you to chat more efficiently and respond to your web visitors more quickly.

Note: Many tasks regarding Saved Replies -- including editing, changing the priority of and deleting Saved Replies -- need to be done in the My Settings section of your account. You can visit this support page to learn more about managing Saved Replies in the My Settings section of your account.

Create a New Saved Reply

In addition to adding Saved Replies in the My Settings section of your account, you can easily add a Saved Reply in the Chat tab. To do so, simply follow these easy steps: 

  1. Access the Chat tab of your account
  2. In the chatting text box, type your message (or begin to type your message) 
  3. Click the “Save Reply” button at the bottom-right portion of the text box 
  4. In the “Create new reply” menu, insert a title for your reply.  This will determine how the Saved Reply appears in the menu to select Saved Replies while chatting:
  1. (Optional) Edit the Saved Reply in the second text box in this menu:
  2. (Optional) Select a category for this Saved Reply.  Cateogries help while filtering Saved Replies, as described below.  If the category that you are looking for does not exist, you can create on during this step:
  3. Select the visibility of the Saved Reply.  You can select to have the Saved Reply only be visible in your account or you can select to have it be visible to all accounts in your organization:
  4. Select to save the Reply:

Using a Saved Reply

Once you have created a Saved Reply, you can use it while chatting with web visitors.  To insert a Saved Reply while chatting, simply click on the “Insert” button next to the name of the Saved Reply toward the bottom-right hand potion of the Chat tab: 

For more information about using saved replies in agent chat, see Saved Replies.

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