Chat Settings - Company Availability

Chat Icon Display Settings

The chat prompt is the icon that shows in the bottom right corner of your website. To update this icon, see Chatbot Appearance.

Choose from the following options to determine how often the chat prompt will show on your site:

  • Always display the chat prompt: If you select to always display the bot prompt, you must specify a default chatbot to handle conversations initiated by visitors when they click the icon. You can do this in the Visitor Conversations section on this same settings page.
  • Display the prompt during company availability or when bot fires: If you select to display the prompt during company availability, it will be important to specify your company availability schedule. See Company Availability for information about this setting.
  • Only display the prompt when the bot fires: You can manage when and where chatbots fire in PlayRunner

Visitor Conversations

If you've selected to "Always display the chat prompt" in your Chat Icon Display Settings, you will need to fill in this section of your chat settings.

Allow visitors to start new conversations

If a page of your website doesn't have a chatbot assigned to fire on it, users will be able to click on the prompt icon and start a conversation. On pages that have bots assigned, those chatbots will fire, but the user can start a new conversation by clicking the plus button on the top right of the chat.

Note: If this option is checked, you will need to select a default chatbot to fire when a visitor starts a conversation.

Company Chat Availability

Company chat availability is used in Chat Icon Display Settings and Conditional Branching skills (in both chatbots and PlayRunner). There are two options when setting up company chat availability:

  1. Manually set availability: This will allow you to manually switch company chat availability on and off
  1. Set availability schedule: The system will automatically switch between available and unavailable according to the hours you set.

Agent Routing

To prevent overloading a single agent with more conversations than they can handle, you can set a "conversation balance threshold". When an agent's current count of open conversations reaches this threshold, they will be skipped in round robin routing until they fall back within the threshold.

Note: If all agents have reached the threshold, round robin routing will continue.

Note: This does not apply to quickdraw routing. Agents who have already reached the threshold will still be included in this type of routing.

Auto-close conversations

Signals will auto-close conversations after a specified period of inactivity in the chat. You can adjust this time frame here:

Note: Unless otherwise specified in the integration page, conversation data syncs to the CRM immediately when the conversation closes.

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