Installation Troubleshooting

Navigate to Installation Troubleshooting by,

  1. Login
  2. Navigate to Settings > Org Settings > Installation > Troubleshooting

Click "Check Page" after pasting the domain into the field below, and we will scan the site and highlight any errors it finds.

How to fix the errors:

Approved Domain: ensure that your domain is listed in the Signals domain approval list without "https://" (do include "www." if applicable)

Code Installed: refer to Installation for help installing Signals script on your site

Code Matches Exactly: if the code has been altered in some way, the bot will not be able to fire.

Bots are Enabled: this should only be green if you have at least one "Fire Bot" skill active in PlayRunner.

Visitor chat is turned on: with visitor chat turned off, no chatbots will be permitted to fire from your Signals instance anywhere on any domains you have Signals installed on

Prompt will not always display: refers to the Chat Icon Display Settings, which allow you to choose whether you want the chat prompt to display always, only during company availability, or only when the chatbot fires.

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