Conversation Tags


Conversation allow you to track conversation outcomes other than emails captured and meetings booked. Tags are vital for organizations with high chat volume, to track aggregated data and conversation trends.

To access the page where you can manage conversation tags, navigate to Settings > Chat Settings > Conversation Tags

Creating a Conversation Tag 

  1. In the top right corner, click "Create New Tag"
  2. Give the tag a name
  3. Optionally add a description
  4. Click "save tag"

Note: conversation tags can also be created directly from the Tag Conversation Skill within the bot builder, using the same modal as described above.

Editing a Conversation Tag 

Click on any tag in the list to open the edit modal. Remember to click "Save Tag" in the bottom left corner of the modal.

Searching and Filtering Conversation Tags 

Search for conversation tags by name or sort alphabetically by name, description, or conversation goal status.

Deleting a Conversation Tag 

  1. Click the hamburger menu to the right of the conversation tag you want to delete
  2. Select delete, then confirm deletion in the popup modal

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