Account details page

Account details page

Each account has an account details page, which you can access by clicking the account in the list on the main Accounts page.

Key Definitions/Sources:

ABE Score: An account's ABE score is out of 100. It is based on percent of employees who have visited the site, number of total visits, number of chat conversations, and opportunity status from CRM.

Account Owner: Account owners are either pulled from CRM during the account sync or chosen manually during an account upload.

Opportunity Status: This is pulled from the CRM, and will show blank, as above, if no opportunity exists.

Conversations: This counts all conversations that occurred over chat.

Account Details: All information in these fields is pulled from Apollo except for Account Type. This field is pulled from CRM.

Account Contacts

Shows a list of all captured contacts from that company, along with stats about site visits, chats, and meetings.

  • Filter contacts by all, Contact Discovery who have visited the site, contacts collected through chat, and Contact Discovery (who haven't self-identified through chat on the website)
  • Find more contacts: this will manually run the Contact Discovery skill for the account. Select the buying committee you want to prospect with Contact Discovery and any integration you want these contacts to be sent to. For more information, see Manual Contact Discovery

Account Activity: Shows all activity from the past 30 days, with dropdown menus for additional details (including specific pages visited and traffic source, bots interacted with, live agents interacted with, contact information collected and meetings booked).

Recent Conversations: Click on a preview to be taken directly to the conversation it references.

Account Summary: This section displays all-time totals for the specific account.

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