The Notifications tab within the My Settings section allows you to customize when and how you will be notified of activity.

Accessing the notifications tab

Login to your account, navigate to Settings, then click the Notifications tab.

Chime Alerts

Note: chime alerts will only be sent while the desktop application is open.

Event Notifications

The event notifications matrix manages how you will be notified of the following Signals events:

  • Routed to conversation - the chatbot (and a site visitor) is waiting for you to join the chat.
  • Calendar drop - your calendar is being shown to a site visitor in chat.
  • Meeting booked - someone booked a meeting on your calendar through Signals.
  • Chat alerts - these could be from a chatbot, a high priority company segment, or any combination of conditions set up in PlayRunner. For more on alerts, see Alerts in chatbots, Alerts in PlayRunner, and Alerts in segments.
  • Notes - a team member tagged you in a note within agent chat.
  • Followed visitor updates - a followed visitor returned to the website.
  • Daily chat summary - overview of chat activity from the past 24 hours.
  • Daily ABE summary - overview of account activity on the website from the past 24 hours.

Note: the fifth column of this matrix will only populate if a communication integration (like Slack) is active.

Notification history

Shows all past Signals notifications.

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