Meeting Types


Every active calendar invite skill (both in chatbots and live chat conversations), must have a meeting type selected. This meeting type determines the details of the meeting invitation that will be received by site visitors.

Adding a Meeting Type

Create a new meeting type directly from the Bot Builder:

  1. Open the bot builder
  2. Insert a calendar invite skill and double click to edit
  3. Next to the dropdown for "Meeting Select", click the "+" button

Note: You can also reach the meeting management page in settings by navigating to Settings > Org Settings > Meetings.

  1. Fill in all fields of the Meeting Type modal
  1. If you want to use this meeting in an automated chatbot flow, check the second checkbox option.

Managing Meeting Types

Click on any meeting on the Meeting management page to edit. The edit modal is the same as the new meeting setup modal. Make any desired changes and click "Save".

Click the hamburger menu to the right of a meeting type to delete it.

Not seeing a meeting type on the list? Check your filters!

Using Meeting Types

To use a Meeting Type, whether in an automated chatbot flow or a live chat conversation, select the desired Meeting Type in the second dropdown.

In the bot builder:

In agent chat:

For more information on using the calendaring feature, please refer to our Calendar Invite Skill support page. 

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