Custom Contact Fields


Create custom contact fields to ensure that the chatbot collects the right information and maps it to the right fields in your CRM.

To access the page where you can create custom fields, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Select the Contacts tab 
  2. Navigate to Custom Fields

Creating Custom Contact Fields 

  1. Click "Add Custom Field" in the top right corner
  2. Give your new field a name and, optionally, a description
  3. Select a data type from the dropdown menu
  4. Save

Supported data types

Signals supports the following data types in custom fields: text, numeric, date, true or false, and dropdown.

Choose the data type that best matches the corresponding field in CRM that you will map to.

How to Use Custom Fields

One of the most common uses for custom fields is when asking a visitor for any comments or questions after scheduling a meeting or at the end of a bot flow. Despite there being many other uses for this Signals feature, this page will walk you through using a 'comments' custom field.

  1. After creating a custom field, use your CRM integration to map the Signals field to a corresponding field in your CRM.
  2. Then, use a question skill to ask the visitor to leave comments or questions they have. Select the "Map response to contact attribute". Select the field you created from the dropdown list of contact fields.

Similar techniques can be used to ensure you make the most of Signals by pushing information that is important to you into your CRM.

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