Creating a New Segment

Creating a New Segment

  1. In the top right corner of the Company Segments page, click "Add Segment"
  2. Give your segment a name (required) and a description (optional, only visible internally)
  3. Choose a segment type

Dynamic Segment

  • Dynamic Segments allow you to create a segment based on various criteria.
  • Filter options include industry, annual revenue, company size, location, and CRM attributes if you have a CRM integrated).
  • Companies will be recognized and included in this type of segment if they match the criteria you set, whether or not they are already in your account list or even your CRM.

Static Segment

  • Static Segments allow you to create a static list of specific accounts.
  • Either multi-select accounts that already exist in the system
  • Or upload a CSV of accounts directly into a segment.
    • Uploading a CSV of accounts will allow you to either keep or overwrite the existing account owner if your import includes accounts that already exist in the system
  1. Once you've created your segment, click on it from the list of Company Segments to view the list of accounts included, edit the segment criteria, or export the list to CSV

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