Signals Score

What is it?

The Signals Score is a calculation based on visitor attributes. These factors combine to help you determine which accounts are interacting the most with your website. The score can be used to help choose which accounts to contact and who is spending the most time on your site.

Signals Score Insights

The Dashboard shows important information about the accounts that visit your site. It also shows the Signal Score and insights regarding the score given. Depending on your plan, hovering your mouse over the score shows 1 to 5 insights about the account and its activity. Our Teams plan includes one insight, where Company and higher plans include more insights that can help you filter high intent accounts.

Dashboard with Insights


Setting up your Signals Score includes a few simple steps. You can find the setup wizard by going to Settings -> Org Settings -> Signals Score. On this page you'll see a button that says: Configure Your Score (you can also update your settings here after finishing the setup process).

  1. Opportunity Types - Choose which type of opportunity you associate with new business in your CRM.
  2. Deal Cycle - Confirm the length your typical deal cycle. The setup wizard provides an estimate based on prior interactions but gives you the opportunity to adjust the length to your specifications
  3. Buying Committee - Rank personas based on how important each buying committee is to your buying process. If all your personas are equal in importance, you can select the option to weight all the same
  4. Factors - Choose the weight and importance of different factors that affect the Signals Score. There are lots of options that you can add or remove in order to make the score tailored to your company
  5. Summary - This page gives a recap of the Signals Score settings and gives you the opportunity to edit them
  6. Email Updates - This step gives you the option to set up email updates regarding accounts with significant changes in Signals Score


  • Site Visits - Number of times an account has visited the site
  • Page Views - Number of pages an account has viewed
  • High Intent Page Views - Number of High Intent pages an account has viewed
  • Conversations - Number of conversations
  • Live Chats - Number of live chats
  • Contacts Created - Number of Contacts created for an account
  • Account is ICP Match - Does this account match the Ideal Customer Profile
  • Time on Site - The total time an account spends on website
  • Meetings Scheduled - Number of meetings scheduled
  • Traffic Source - How an account found its way to the website
  • Specific Page Viewed - Did this account access a specific page
  • Sales Opportunity Status - What is the sales opportunity status
  • Email Captures - Number of email addresses captured for an account
  • Phone Captures - Number of phone numbers captured for an account

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