Google Ads


The Google Ads integration allows you to track Signals events as Google Ads conversions. Map the following Signals events to conversion events in Google Ads:

  • Conversations
  • Emails captured
  • Meetings booked


  1. Click "Start Activation" and approve access to the Google Ads API
    1. Note: until Google approves the Signals app, there will be a warning asking you to confirm before authorizing.
  2. Input Manager Account Customer ID (and Viewing Customer ID, if applicable)
    1. Note: If your Google Ads account doesn't have a Viewing Customer ID, enter the Manager Account Customer ID in both fields
  1. Create conversion types in Google Ads for Signals events that you'd like to track in Google Ads. When creating conversion types for this integration, select the Import conversion type, and select to import Other data sources or CRMS > Track conversions from clicks.
  1. Back in Signals, click Save
  1. Set minimum criteria for conversions to be sent to Google Ads
  1. Map Signals events to Google Ads conversion actions
  2. Save your changes

Integration settings

Minimum criteria

Optionally define a minimum lead score that a visitor must reach before they can be sent to Google Ads as a conversion. See Set Lead Score Skill for more information about lead scoring.

Conversion action mapping

Select a Google Ads conversion action to map each of the three Signals events to. All Import conversion actions in the integrated Google Ads account will populate the dropdown menus.

Remember to save your changes!

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