Calendar Drop

Calendar Drop

To use the calendar drop feature, you will first need to link your account to a calendar.  You can learn how to do this at this support page

Using the Calendar Drop Feature

Once your account is linked to a calendar, you can follow the steps below to utilize the calendar drop function while chatting with a web visitor: 

  1. In the text box, click the calendar icon ("share calendar")
  2. In the modal that comes up, select whose calendar you want to share with the visitor (it doesn't have to be yours) and the meeting type you want to offer them.

Note: For more information regarding meeting types, you can view this support page.

In the web visitor’s chat window, they will then be able to schedule a meeting on the calendar provided:  

Once the web visitor has completed the sign-up process, you will then be notified in the chat that the meeting has been scheduled.  Your linked calendar will also be updated to include the meeting.  You will also receive any additional notifications setup in the Notifications tab in the My Settings section (I.e., In-app, desktop, email, or text).  

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