Buying Committees

Buying Committees

Creating a New Persona

  1. Navigate to the Buying Committee tab in Account Management and click "Add Persona" in the top right corner.
  1. Create a new persona by selecting the Department(s), Seniorities, and Titles which make up your buying committee.
    1. You can create multiple buying committees if, for example, you sell to Marketing and Sales leadership. You can create a separate buying committee for each of these departments, allowing you to tailor your automated outreach to focus on their individual concerns.
  2. Type in all titles you're interested in Contact Discovery for each persona. This skill will gather contacts whose titles contain the words input in this field. You can also put a title in quotation marks to only gather contacts whose titles exactly match your input. Optionally, add in excluded titles.
  3. Check the title preview on the right side of the Persona modal, any titles that you deselect from the preview will be automatically added to your list of excluded titles.

Using Buying Committees

  1. Automatic Contact Discovery: Buying committees are used in Plays, where you can use the Contact Discovery Skill to automate a contact search for members of the buying committee at companies that show up on your website. For more information, see Contact Discovery Skill.
  2. Manual Contact Discovery: You can also do a manual contact search for any account from its account detail page. For more information, see Account Details Page.

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