Account Ownership

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Creating Account Ownership Rules

You can manage your account ownership Rules for Salesforce and hubspot. These rules can designate different owners from your CRM account by looking up accounts in the specified segment and mapping the CRM user field to the account owner.

To create a new account ownership rule:

  1. Go to your CRM Integration>Scroll to the bottom section, "Account Ownership Rules"
  2. select "ADD SEGMENT RULE"
  3. Select a Segment from the drop-down menu. If you do not have company segments created you will need to do that first. Learn more about creating a company segment here.
  1. Select the Use Owner field from the drop-down (This will match the fields you have listed in your CRM).
    1. You can have up to two fields. Click "ADD ANOTHER FIELD" and select a "then by" owner. This will work as a fallback in the case that there is no match for the first designated field.
  2. Select a Fallback Routing rule. This will be a specific user who will be assigned as the Account Owner in the case that the Account Owner in your CRM is not a licensed user.
  3. Lastly, select Fallback criteria in the case that a company does not match the specified segments that you set up in step 2.

Default Account Owners

There are some instances in the software where you can designate a Default Account Owner. This owner will be assigned in the case that a Signals User is not found.

You can assign the Default account owner in the following places:

  1. Settings> Org Settings > Integrations > CRM Integration (i.e. Salesforce, or Hubspot) > Account Ownership Rules (Scroll to the very bottom)
  1. When uploading a static segment you will neeed to choose a fallback owner:

Editing Account Ownership

There are three ways you can change an account's designated owner:

  1. If you're integrated with Salesforce or HubSpot, specify which field in CRM you want Signals to pull Account Owner from for various segments. This automates the handoffs among sales reps as an opportunity progresses, and then the handoff to support when a deal closes.
  2. If you have a specific list of accounts whose owners you want to change, you can create a static segment from a CSV upload and it will give you the option to overwrite the current account owner for any accounts already in Signals. This is a quick, manual fix when it only involves a specific list of accounts.
  3. Update the fields in CRM that Signals draws from for account owners.

Note: If the account owner in CRM is not a user in Signals, the default owner will be assigned.

Note: Changes made inside the CRM or on the integrations page will update automatically overnight.

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