Conversation Dashboard


The conversation reporting dashboard features six preset reporting widgets, filter options, and a CSV export option.

 Accessing the reports dashboard

To view the conversation report, navigate to Reports > Conversations.


Filter the data displayed on this page by (1) date range or (2) traffic source.

Date Filter

  1. Click the date range bubble at the top right corner of the dashboard
  2. Select a date range on the calendar, or pick one of the default ranges on the left
  3. Click "Apply Filter"

Traffic Source Filter

  1. Click the filter button in the top right corner
  2. Select "Filter by Traffic Source"
  3. Select the traffic sources you want to include in the report
  4. Click "Apply Filter"

CSV Export

Export all conversations as a CSV by clicking the export button at the top right, next to the filter button.

Note: All active filters will apply to the exported data, so be sure to double check your filters before exporting data.

Opening this file in a spreadsheet application will present each conversation as a row of data with the columns being different variables. See here for column definitions for this report.


There are six different widgets in the Reports dashboard that provide in-depth data regarding the chats in your organization.

Visitor Funnel 

The visitor funnel provides an overview of your chatbot performance.  View total conversations, emails captured, calendar drops, and meetings booked for your selected date range, along with conversion rates down every step of the funnel.

Click on any metric in the graph legend to remove it from the visual report. Click again to add it back in.

Key Metrics 

Key Metrics in Signals are conversations, emails captured, and meetings booked. The Key Metrics widget provides insights into the way these metrics are changing over time.

Just like in the Visitor Funnel, you can click any timeframe in the legend to remove it from the visual and click again to bring it back.

Note: this widget only tracks emails captured and meetings booked by automation. The best way to track total emails captured and meetings booked with active live agent chat support is with tagging.

Conversations Timeline 

The Conversations Timeline widget displays conversation count per day. Hover over any date on the widget for details about that day.

Conversation Tags 

The Conversation Tags widget quickly shows you how many of each conversation tag has been applied during the specified date range.

Note: Only the top eight most common conversation tags for your organization will display in the widget. If you're tracking more than eight tags, export the conversation report and filter the "Conversation Tags" column to view totals for additional tags.

Conversations by Time of Day 

The Conversations by Time of Day widget displays how many conversations your organization had in the specified time period, broken out by days of the week and hours of the day. This can help you see what hours of the day are most busy to assist you with staffing decisions.   

Conversations by Geo-Location 

The default view of this widget shows a world map split out by countries, but you can add granularity by clicking on the country of interest.

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