View your monthly/annual payment, purchase additional licenses, review your monthly usage, compare packages, and download invoices, right within the system.

My Plan and Usage

Plan Cost (billing frequency): Shows a dynamic breakdown of the components of your plan that you're paying for.

Next Payment: Shows the date of your next payment.

Payment Information: Shows how you will be billed.

Included in your plan:

  • Chat Users: Shows how many licenses you have currently assigned over total purchased.
  • Chatbots: Shows how many chatbots you currently have active and firing on your website.
  • A/B Tests: Shows how many tests you are currently running compared to the total active tests allowed by your plan.

Your Usage:

  • Reverse IP Lookups: This is how we identify visitors on your site to give you company and location information. Base pricing is based on approximate web traffic to ensure that you have the proper number of available reverse IP lookups allocated.
  • Emails Sent: Total emails sent in the current billing period.
  • Text notifications: Total text notification sent in the current billing period.
  • Contact Credits: Can be used for either (1) Contact Discovery lookups or (2) contact enrichment.

Plan Comparison

View different plans and pricing.


View a history of payments for Signals. Click on any column header to sort the list by that column. Download any invoice as a PDF by clicking the button to the far right of the record row.

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