View Contact Details

Accessing Contact Details 

To view a specific contact record, do the following:

  1. Click on the Contacts icon on the left toolbar
  2. Click on the contact’s name

Contact record data

Each contact record in Signals has the following collapsible cards:

  • Contact information: displays all Signals default contact fields
  • Company information: displays information about the contact's associated company
  • Additional details: displays all applicable custom contact fields
  • Tracking parameters: displays the source of this contact's first visit and most recent visit

Edit a contact

  1. At the top-right of the screen, select the “Edit Contact” button 
  2. Make any desired edits and then click “Save”

Delete a contact 

  1. At the top-right portion of the screen, select the dropdown arrow next to the “Edit Contact” button 
  2. Select the “Delete Contact” option to switch the button to say "Delete Contact"
  3. Click "Delete Contact", and then confirm your deletion in the pop up

Follow / Unfollow Contact 

You can follow a contact if you want to receive notifications regarding their activity. 

Additional Information 

Toward the right-side portion of the page, there is additional information for each contact: 


This is divided into two sections: Activity and Summary, which we explain below. 


In the Activity section, you can view the contact’s history of activity and you can create notes for the contact.  We go over both of these aspects below. 

Information Available 

In the Activity Tab, you will see the contact’s activity.  The activity recorded include chat conversations, web pages viewed, and Contact Notes: 


The Contact Activity section is organized by month.  You can click on the arrow at the top-right corner of a month’s section to minimize that month, allowing you to focus on other months’ data: 

You also have the ability to filter contact activity history to only see certain aspects of the contact’s activity.  To use this filter, simply click on the filter icon and select the type of activity you only want to see: 


In addition to seeing each aspect of a contact’s history, you can view a summary of their activity history.  To do so, simply select the “Summary” icon at the top-left corner of the activity section: 

 In the Summary menu, you will see the following statistics: 

  • Page Views: The total number of pages on your site that the contact has seen.  
  • Conversations: The total number of conversations that the contact has had with chatbots on your website. 
  • Meetings Booked: The total number of meetings the contact has booked with chatbots on your website. 
  • First Seen: The date when the contact was created within your account. 
  • First Source: The traffic source data associated with this contact's first visit to your site
  • Last Seen: The date when the contact was last on your website. 
  • Last Source: The traffic source data associated with this contact's most recent visit to your site.



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