Sequences Overview


Definition: Sequences are groups of connected bot skills that are saved as a template to be reused either within the chatbot or in other chatbots.

Read on for common use cases, or check out the following resources to learn more about sequences:

Common use cases

Agent routing

Sequences are often used for live chat routing. When you want live chat in a chatbot, you need to configure not only the live chat skill itself, but also a fallback path in case no one is able to respond. Creating a sequence for live chat simplifies bot management because you can:

  • Build your live chat routing and fallback path only once
  • Apply routing changes globally by editing the sequence rather than each individual routing skill

Similar benefits can be found by using sequences for Agent Alerts and Calendar Drops as well. Any time you're using a green bot skill, consider placing it in a sequence.

Reusable content

Any content that can be easily reused in multiple chatbots is a good candidate for a sequence. Consider using sequences for:

  • Form replacements
  • Content recommendations
  • Demo booking

Chatbot organization

Occasionally, a chatbot will become so big and complex that it can be useful to create sequences just to organize the bot builder. In this case, we recommend using a local sequence rather than global, unless you intend to reuse the sequence of bot skills in another bot!

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