Creating Sequences

Two methods

There are two ways to create a new sequence.

  1. Select an existing group of skills within a chatbot
  2. Build from scratch in Sequence Management

Having trouble building or managing sequences? See sequence creation troubleshooting for common errors and how to resolve them.

Create a sequence from the chatbot builder

While working in the chatbot builder, you may want to select a series of bot skills to reuse elsewhere. Follow the steps below to create sequences from within the chatbot builder.

Note: creating a sequence from the chatbot builder allows you to specify that the sequence is local or global. For more information about the distinction between these two sequence types, see Sequence Types.

  1. Navigate to the chatbot builder
  2. Build a flow of bot skills that you want to save as a sequence
  3. Select the flow. (See select mode)
  1. Click "Sequence" in the purple banner at the top of the builder
  2. Give your new sequence a name (and, optionally, a description)
  3. Optionally: check the box to create a global sequence
  4. Save

Create a sequence from sequence management

Note: Only global sequences can be created from sequence management.

  1. Navigate to sequence management
  2. Click "Add New Sequence" in the top right corner
  3. Add and connect skills to create your sequence
  4. Save

Sequence creation troubleshooting

The chatbot builder will not allow sequences to be created if any of the following issues are present:

  1. Disconnected, "floating" skills

If there are any disconnected skills in your sequence selection, the Sequence option will not be available. To quickly find the disconnected skills, save the entire chatbot flow, then select to view disconnected nodes. Once all skills are connected, the Sequence option will be available.

  1. Multiple entrances to the flow

If all the skills in your selection are connected, but the Sequence option is still not available, there may be multiple entrances to the flow. To quickly find the extra entrances, move your entire selection away from the rest of the bot. Remove any extra connections into the selected flow.

Note: If needed, you can still maintain the same flow with multiple entrances using custom contact attributes, the conversation goal skill, and conditional branching.

  1. "Start here" skill is included in the selection

The "Start Here" skill cannot be included in the sequence selection. Try re-selecting without the "Start Here" skill included.

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