Sequence Management

Sequence Management Features

Easily access all of your global sequences to view performance, make changes, or delete.

Sequence details and performance

Since global sequences can be active in multiple chatbots, it can be useful to view the sequence's performance across all chatbots. To view sequence-specific metrics, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Sequences tab in Bot Management
  2. Click on the sequence you wish to analyze
  3. Navigate to the Details tab

Filters and trackable events in sequence details

The details tab supports filtering by date range and by bot. Signals tracks the following events within sequences: sequence fires, live chat routing, emails captured, meetings booked, primary and secondary goals.

Edit and delete sequences 

Note: only global sequences are accessible from the sequence management tab. This means that all changes made to sequences on this tab will be effective in every bot that uses the sequence. To view which bots will be affected by changes to a sequence, click the Bots tab at the top of the sequence:

Edit sequences

  1. Navigate to sequence management
  2. Click the sequence you wish to edit
  3. Make any desired changes
  4. Save

Delete sequences

  1. Navigate to sequence management
  2. Find the sequence you wish to delete
  3. In the hamburger menu to the right, select "Delete Sequence"
  4. Confirm your deletion

Note: Deleted sequences cannot be recovered. 

Note: Before deleting a sequence, confirm that you are not using the sequence in any of your current bots.  Deleting a sequence can result in your bot not performing correctly. 


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