Sequence Types

Global sequences

A global sequence is a series of bot skills that is saved as a template to be reused in different chatbots across your site.

Consider using global sequences for:

  • Live Chat routing and fallback
  • Book a demo calendar routing
  • Agent alert routing
  • Content recommendations

Pro tip: Any sequence that involves live agents is a good candidate for a global sequence. Managing routing within global sequences will simplify the updating process when there is turnover on the teams.

Local sequences

A local sequence is only saved within the chatbot where it was created. Think of these as folders that hold skills within the bot, but not templates. They can be cloned and deleted within the chatbot, but not reused in other chatbots.

Consider using local sequences for:

  • Minor adjustments to a global template
  • Skill organization in large or complex chatbots

Changing sequence types

To make a local sequence global:

  1. Double click the local sequence to open the edit modal
  2. Click "Create New Template" in the top right corner
  3. Give your sequence a name and optional description
  4. Toggle on the option to "Track global sequence"
  5. Click "Create Template"

To make a global sequence local:

  1. Insert a global sequence into your chatbot builder
  2. Double click the global sequence to open the edit modal
  3. Make any desired changes
  4. Click "Save" in the top right corner
  5. Select "Update the current sequence and stop tracking global sequence"
  6. Click "Save" in the bottom right corner

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