Salsloft Integration

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What the integration Does

Signal's integration with Salesloft allow you to more closely align your marketing and sales teams by enabling you to:

  • Automatically add prospected contacts to cadences in PlayRunner
  • Tailor engagement with targeted plays for visitors enrolled in certain cadences.
  • Add people to cadences, create tasks, and see Salesloft activity from agent chat.

How to set it up:

How to use it:

To get the most out or your Salesloft integration, make sure you explore all your options when enrolling visitors into cadences.

  • Agent Chat: Your Sales team can add visitors to cadences, create tasks or view their activity.
  • PlayRunner Integration: How to guide on enrolling prospects into Salesloft Cadences.
  • Chatbot Skill: Use the Salesloft skill to automatically add visitors to cadences or Conditional branch to create targeted messaging.

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