Setting Up Your Account Admin

Skipped through the setup modal when you first logged in? That's ok, we did that too. This article will walk you through all the needed set up to get you up and running asap!

Admin Setup

Admin users have extra steps to set up in addition to any of those listed above related to features that they wish to utilize.

Additional responsibilities include:

  1. Managing Users - only admins have the ability to assign licenses, create and manage teams, assign and update user permissions, and set team availability schedules. See Teams for more information.
  2. Company Profile - customize your company profile so that your brand colors/logo display on your agents' profile pages. See Company Profile for more information.
  3. Chat Settings - we recommend looking through all of the settings in the Chat Settings section to familiarize yourself with all the features available to you. If you're short on time though, your highest priority should be setting up your Bot Appearance.
  4. Org Settings - this is where you Install script, set up your Integrations, and create Meeting Types (needed before meetings can be booked through the chatbot). If you wish to use the Email functionality, you set that up here as well.
  5. Admin Settings - review your plan and billing schedule, and add licenses to your plan directly from within the system.

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