Launching a Bot in PlayRunner

Getting Started

Before you get started, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What audience am I interested in engaging?
  • This includes where, when, and who you want to engage with.
  • For best results, focus your efforts on high-intent pages and segments.
  1. What tools do I want to use to engage them?
  • ChatFunnels engagement tools include: chatbots, alerts, automated campaign adds (with integrations), and automated Contact Discovery.
  • "Plays" are simply sequences of these actions, designed for your specific target audience.
  1. If planning to use a chatbot, what goals do I want that chatbot to accomplish?
  • Automated chatbots are great at qualifying leads, capturing contact information, and booking future meetings.
  • Live chat agents tend to be more effective at answering questions and booking meetings quickly.

Launching a Bot in PlayRunner

Launching your first bot in PlayRunner has three simple steps:

  1. Build your bot - Keep in mind your target audience, the other tools you plan to use (besides the chatbot), and the goals you are trying to accomplish.
  2. Build a play for your bot - The example uses only a chatbot, but don't forget about the other engagement tools available at this step!
  3. Drop your play into PlayRunner with audience parameters, publish, and enable. (See below)

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