Proof of Concept Roadmap

Return on investment

When proving that Signals will provide a return on investment for your company, it is important to start strong, using best practices adapted to your unique use case. In addition to the support of our Client Success team, use this roadmap to ensure a strong start to your Signals proof of concept.

Install Signals on your website right away!

The sooner the Signals script is installed on your website, the more data we'll be able to display about your web traffic. See Installation for step-by-step instructions on installing the Signals script.

Once Signals has started collecting data about your web traffic, make sure this data is accessible and actionable by setting up alerts and automated dashboard emails.

Segmenting and Contact Discovery

You can create segments based on CRM attributes, industry, location, and annual revenue.

We typically recommend creating the following segments:

  • ICP (ideal customer profile)
  • Target accounts/Contact Discovery
  • Strategic accounts/open opportunities

Aside from firing specialized chatbots for visitors who match these segments, you can set up alerts or Cintact Discovering to gather members of the buying committee at these companies.

Chatbot strategy

  1. Define an audience for the chatbot first

Your audience criteria will be set up in PlayRunner later, but it's important to have an audience in mind from the very beginning.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started thinking about your chatbot audiences:

  • Bots that are triggered by a button click tend to get better engagement (3-4%) compared to those triggered by a page load (1-2%).
  • Conversations on high-intent pages tend to capture more emails and book more meetings than homepages. Start with your high-intent pages in order to see faster ROI.
  1. Your first message or question is your chatbot's CTA, consider your audience when creating a CTA:
  • For visitors from a target account segment, you can provide a direct link to the sales
  • For the homepage, consider a "clickbait CTA", like "Hey there, can I ask you a question?"
  • On product or solution pages, try calling out how other clients are using your solution or a pain point that you can solve.
  • For pricing or demo pages, some of the most effective CTAs simply offer chat as an alternative to the form. Try something like, "Skip the form! Chat with me to book your demo."
  1. Asking questions in a chatbot
  • Once we capture someone's business email, we're able to enrich basic firmographic data about their company. This will allow you to skip some of the questions from the form.
  • Ask 3-4 questions before dropping a calendar: one qualifying question (are you looking at our service for personal or business use), then name, business email, and phone number.
  • Use conditional branching to skip questions like email and phone capture for site visitors who have already given us this information.

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