Setting Up Your Account Non-Admin

Updated by Jenny Young

Skipped through the setup modal when you first logged in? That's ok, we did that too. This article will walk you through all the needed set up to get you up and running asap!

Non-Admin Setup

You should have received an email inviting you to set up your account. Keep in mind, these invitations expire after 72 hours, so you may need to ask your administrator to resend that invitation.

Tip: If you did not receive the email, check your spam/junk folder.  If you still do not see the email, you could ask your administrator to double-check in the Pending Invitations section of their account that your email is correct.  They can also resend the invitation in the Pending Invitations module. 

Once you've accepted your invitation and registered, you'll want to make sure you have the following set up:


Settings Required

Settings Recommended

Calendar Drop

Calendar synced, Meeting Settings complete, Conferencing Provider linked (or personal conferencing link input)

Profile picture, agent profile enabled, notifications configured.

Live Chat

Profile picture, chat availability turned on, notifications configured

Calendar synced, meeting settings complete, meet now link input, saved replies.

Meeting Scheduler

Calendar synced, meeting settings complete, conferencing provider linked (or personal conferencing link input), agent profile enabled.

Profile picture, chat availability turned on, notifications configured.

All of these settings are managed under My Settings, and each includes a link to the help article that can walk you through set up!

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