Using keywords in question skills


Keyword groups are used in Question skills within chatbots. When the keyword option is selected for a question, it looks to the site visitor like a free response, but the chatbot will recognize if words in their free response match the keywords in your group. This allows visitors the freedom to type a response, while still giving you the control to automate bot responses based on their answers.

Using keywords in a chatbot

In the builder, keyword groups function like buttons. Each keyword group can be connected to different automated responses. The last button exit on a keyword question skill will always be "Invalid Response." A visitor would reach this exit if nothing in their response matches any of the keywords in any of the groups selected for that question.

  1. Open the bot builder for the chatbot you wish to add a keyword question to
  2. Insert a question skill and select "Keywords" from the visitor response dropdown
  1. Select keyword groups that you want to apply to the question. If needed, you can create new keyword groups directly from the bot builder.
  2. Select how many times you want the chatbot to prompt for a valid response (a valid response is one that matches one of the keyword groups applied to the question)
  3. Optionally, customize the follow up messages that follow an invalid response
  4. Save and close

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