Signals Overview


Identify what companies are on your website by:

  1. Reverse IP look-up
  2. Chatbot conversations

Use our interactive dashboards to identify which accounts are checking you out 👀

Export these reports and put hot leads into the hands of your sales reps 🔥


Define the signal behaviors and attributes you're interested in tracking:

  1. Company segments based on firmographic data and/or CRM fields
  2. Returning visitors
  3. High intent pages
  4. Geographic location

Divide your web traffic into segments to signal meaningful engagement strategies 🔊


Automate your outreach to the right people at the right companies at the right time using:

  1. Contact Discovery
  2. Real-time agent alerts
  3. Chatbot conversations
  4. Email sends
  5. Campaign adds

Customize and personalize at every step to create the ideal customer experience for all of your ideal customers ✨

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