Bot Builder View Options

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This section will cover some tools that will help you save time in bot builder. View options are located on the far right of your screen.

Zoom to Fit

This changes the Bot Builder view to capture your entire bot’s flow in its view: 

Use it when you are zoomed in working on one section of your bot, but need to quickly access another portion of your bot.

Zoom In / Out 

You can use the magnifying glasses in your view options toolbar. Or you can use your mouse or trackpad.

Pan Mode 

The Pan Mode option is the default view mode (as opposed to Select Mode).  In Pan Mode, you can click and drag a portion of the screen that does not have a skill. You will move the screen’s view toward the direction you drag your mouse:  

Select Mode 

The Select Mode allows you to select multiple skills at once. After selecting the skills you want you can easily move them, clone, delete or create a sequence with multiple skills.

To use the Select Mode feature, select the Select Mode icon (a solid square with a dotted square outline) and drag the selector over the skills you want to select: 

Note: You can also multi select by holding down CTRL and clicking on a skill. A menu will pop up at the top and you can select all the "Select Descendants"

Keyboard ShortCuts

Full Screen 

You also have the option to enter full-screen mode.  This is helpful if you have a large bot and need to make multiple edits to your bot – in full-screen mode, you can more easily see and manage your nodes. 

To exit full-screen mode select the full-screen icon again: 

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