AB tests-editing sequences

Updated by Jenny Young


Editing Sequences is not supported within the AB test builder. However, you can still create AB tests using Sequences. This article will provide a guide on how to edit your Sequence if you are wanting to AB test your bot flow.

How to Edit Sequences in AB test

  1. To get started you will first need to create an AB test.
  2. When you get to step #2, Edit the bot, you will locate the sequence you want to change for your test.
  3. Clone your sequence
  1. Open your new sequence, and make changes. We recommend also changing the title so you know the new sequence is your Variant B.
  2. Save your sequence.

Note: If you clone a Global Sequence (Blue), make sure to save your new sequence Locally to not change your original. If you clone a Local Sequence (Maroon) You can save your new sequence Locally or Globally.

  1. Replace your original sequence, with your newly edited sequence.
  2. When finished with the adjustments for your variant B build, hit Next and follow the rest of the instructions to set up your test. Need help? Check out this article on how to create a new test

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