Navigating the Testing Section


A/B testing allows you to make data-based decisions when you are considering making changes to a chatbot. This support page explains the basic features of the Testing tab in Signals.   

To access the Testing section, simply login and click on the Testing icon in the left menu bar: 

Creating a new test

You can create a new bot test from two different places in Signals:

  1. From the Testing tab
  2. Directly from the bot builder

All active (and previous) tests will display in the testing tab regardless of where they were originally created.

For more information on creating bot tests, see Creating a New Test.

Sort, search, and filter tests

Search: by test name

Sort: by test name, status, created date, or description. Possible statuses are Active, Completed, Ended, Paused, or Pending.

Filter: allows the option to view archived tests


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