FAQ Dashboard

Updated by Jenny Young


The FAQ dashboard allows you to view what FAQ's answers were give, and how FAQ's have performed over time.

To access this page, Go to your Settings  > Chat Settings > FAQ Management >Dashboard

General Functionality  

The FAQs dashboard provides quick access to important metrics regarding your FAQs.  These metrics are presented at the top of this dashboard: 


Export CSV

You can export your csv's clicking the download button in the top right had corner.  Each row in this file will be one of the Questions Asked to your FAQ bot by web visitors within the specified timeframe.   

FAQ Answers Widget 

Information Presented 

 This presents information regarding the FAQ answers that your FAQ bot has presented to web visitors. 

If you hover your mouse cursor over the pie chat segment or the icon legend corresponding to an FAQ, you will see the numeric value of how many times that FAQ was presented as an answer in the specified timeframe.  In the screenshot below, the Conversation FAQ was presented five (5) times in the specified timeframe: