Why create teams?

Agent Teams - Best Practices

Agent Teams are most often used for:

  1. Live chat and calendar drop routing

In most cases, if you want to assign live chat or calendar routing to a group of agents, creating a team will make that easier. Instead of manually selecting the agents in each routing skill, simply select a team.

  1. Availability schedules

While individual agents can't set an automatic availability schedule, teams can. Any routing that runs through a team will respect team hours, and branching is available in bots, plays, and PlayRunner to ensure that team schedules are respected even when routing is defined by an account owner.

  1. Agent turnover management

If an agent needs to be removed from your organization, routing through a team rather than an individual agent or group of agents will save you work. Rather than tracking down every routing instance that the agent was included in, simply remove them from the system and the routing will adjust automatically to the new team size.

Similarly, when using complex geographical routing sequences, you can save yourself work in the case of employee turnover by creating a team for each geographical region, even if the team only holds a single user. This allows you to manage adjustments easier because you can update the teams rather than the sequences that use them.

  1. Sales - Support handoff

Building agent teams for each of the teams in your organization that are licensed in the system helps maintain a smooth transition for prospects as they move through the buyer's journey. As their account or opportunity changes in your CRM and they move into new segments, their live chat requests can be consistently routed to the correct team in your organization.

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