Conversation Status Skill


Use this skill to automatically close conversations so that lead information can be synced to your CRM without any delay.

The Basics

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Adding a conversation status skill

  1. Insert a conversation status skill
  1. Edit the skill to specify the conversation status you wish to set (open or closed)
  1. Save and close

Use Case

By default, conversations auto-close after a specified period of inactivity (manage that setting here).

Use the conversation status skill to eliminate this wait time and sync leads to your CRM immediately after information is captured.

Best Practices

  1. It is not necessary to set conversation status to "open" within your automated bot flow.
  2. Only use this skill once all relevant information about the lead has already been captured.
  3. Do not set conversation status to "closed" before routing in a live agent. If a lead is synced to CRM before any agent activity has occurred, the lead will not be properly assigned to the agent that engaged in chat.
  4. Make it clear to your web visitors that the conversation has ended before setting conversation status to "closed" or using the End of Bot Flow skill. Closing the conversation suddenly can leave your site visitors feeling ghosted.

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