Conversation Rating Skill


The conversation rating skill is a question skill with a twist. Instead of presenting buttons, keywords, or a free response to the visitor, this skill lets visitors respond on a scale from 1-5. Use it to measure customer satisfaction, enthusiasm, or intent.

The Basics

Need help getting started? Check out these great resources:

Adding conversation rating

  1. Insert a conversation rating skill into the builder
  1. Edit the skill to customize the message text and select the rating type
  1. Optional: check the box to ask the visitor for detailed feedback.
  1. Save and close

Skill Outcomes

The three exits from a conversation rating skill are the following:

  • Dissatisfied Rating (1-2)
  • Neutral Rating (3)
  • Satisfied Rating (4-5)

Remember that all of these exits must connect to another skill in the bot-builder to prevent errors in the chatbot.

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