Bot Emails


You can configure your bot to send an email to your web visitor when they reach a certain point in your bot flow. Perhaps if a visitor selects a bot button requesting information or a document, you could send an email with that information. If the visitor uses the bot to sign up for an event, you could use the bot to send a confirmation email.

Note: in order to send emails through the chatbot, the DNS settings must be configured. See Email Settings for more information on setup.

Add a new email

To access the new email template page, simply follow these steps: 

  1. In Bot Management, select the “Add New Bot” icon at the top-right portion of the screen 
  1. On the following page, select the "Email” card: 

 Alternatively, you can access the same page by selecting the "EMAILS" tab within bot management.

 Then, click the plus button next to "Add Email".

This will generate a new email template to work with. You will then follow these steps:

  1. Enter a name and description for your email. This will only be used so you and your organization can identify the email; the recipient of the email will not see this.
  1. Next, determine who you would like to have the emails sent from. You have three options:
    Send from the default company sender - Each organization has a specific name and email address chosen to send emails from. This is configured in your organization's email settings.
    Send from the account owner - The bot will be sending this email to web visitors from various companies, depending on how you configure your bot. You can select this option to have the email send from whoever the account owner is of the given web visitor's company.
    Choose a different sender - You also have the option to choose a different name and email address you'd like to send each of these emails from. The email address must end with your organization's domain. Ex: If your domain was, you could have the emails send from, but you wouldn't be able to have them send from
  1. Next, choose a general layout and type or copy and paste your message. You have three options:
    Rich Text - This email will just contain text that can be styled with our text editor.
    • Logo - In addition to the text of your email, you can upload a logo image to be placed at the top of your email.
    • Banner - In addition to the text of your email, you can upload a banner image to be placed at the top of your email.
  2. Next, attach relevant files if you'd like.

  1. Then, preview your email and make any necessary adjustments.

  1. Last, click save. You'll be brought to this email list that will show the emails you've created, along with metrics showing how many times the email has been sent, delivered, opened, and clicked.

Using emails in bots and plays

Now, to implement this email into a bot so it can be sent to your web visitors, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the bot or play you'd like to have this email sent from, or create a new bot.
  2. Add a Send Email skill to the appropriate place in your bot or play. Keep in mind that your web visitor will need to reach this point in the bot flow in order for the email send to be triggered. For plays, the visitor's email must be known when they first visit the website in order for the email to send.
  1. Open the settings of your Send Email skill and select the name of the email template you created. You can choose to add a delay to the send of your email.

For more detailed information on the Send Email skill and how to configure the settings, you can visit our support page for sending emails in bots or in plays

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