Button Skill


Present a button to your site visitors within the chat window. Button clicks are recorded in the chat history, allowing for better tracking of visitor behavior.

The Basics:

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Adding a button

  1. Insert a button skill
  1. Edit your button to customize button text and color, insert a link, and decide where you want the link to open
  1. Save and close

If a site visitor clicks a button or hyperlink in a chatbot, that same conversation will follow them to the new page. When redirecting site visitors to a new page or piece of content, you can use either a button or a hyperlink within a message skill.


Hyperlink in a message


  • When visitors click a button, that action is recorded in the chat window so you can track engagement more easily
  • Buttons will not give an image preview of the page you're linking them to
  • Colorful buttons can help draw more attention to the content. Buttons can be any color, not just the colors defined by your bot appearance settings.
  • Show a preview of the content you're presenting within the message. This can help encourage engagement with the content.
  • A message allows you to provide more context for the content you're redirecting them to.
  • Easily present multiple pieces of content within the same message (Note: there will only be one content preview even if there are multiple links in a message)

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