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Question skills are an essential tool to, you guessed it, ask your visitors questions. In this section, we will cover how to set up the skill and customize how visitors can respond. Whether that be using buttons, keywords, or free responses. In addition, we will cover how to map responses to contact attributes to help send information the bot collects to your CRM.

The Basics:

Need help getting started? Check out these great resources:

Adding a question

  1. Insert question skill
  1. Edit your skill and Enter a question
  1. Add responses(see below for how to set up different response types)
  2. *Optional* Map Responses
  3. Save and close


Question skills provide three different response types for your visitor. (1) Buttons (2) Key Words and (3) Free Responses.


With the Buttons, you provide options for how a visitor can respond to a question.

Button Set Up
  1. Buttons are the default selection for, "How can visitors Respond to this question" Drop-down.
  1. Next, fill out "What response do you want to let the visitor to choose from?" Do this by typing the response in "Enter Button Text" and hitting Enter or the Purple add button.
  1. Repeat step 2 for all of the button options you want 
  2. *Optional* Rearrange your button order
  1. Save and Close

Key Words

Keywords are a great solution if there are too many options to type individual buttons. To visitors, the question is a free response and based off of their response, the chatbot will identify keywords and provide a response.

To manage or add key responses check out our document on Keyword Groups.

Keywords Set Up
  1. In the Question Node, in the “How can visitors respond to this question” dropdown, select “Keywords”  
  1. From the drop-down Keyword Groups, checkmark your desired groups.
  1. Configure the rest of the settings in the Question Skill

Free Responses

 Free response allows visitors to type their response and send it to the bot. This is a great option if you want the web visitor to leave a message. For example, you could say, "I am connecting you with an agent now. What is your question while you wait?" this will give your agents more context when they join the conversation.

Free Response Set up

From the dropdown “How can visitors respond to this question?” select “Free Response

Map Response to Contact Attribute 

If you enable this feature, the web visitor’s response will be automatically saved as a value for the contact field you select from the contact information dropdown.   

Example: Mapping visitor's Name

Ask your question: "What is your full name"> Select response type: Free Responses> Check the box to "map response to contact attribute"> Select Full Name from the drop-down menu.

Map Responses Set up

  1. Checkmark, “Map response to contact attribute”
  2. Select your desired contact information from the drop-down(you can also use custom contact fields).
  3. Select “Save and close” to save your changes: 

Note: For more information on mapping custom fields to the CRM go here.

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