Set Lead Score Skill


Automate lead scoring within the chatbot using the set lead score skill.

The Basics:

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Adding a set lead score skill

  1. Insert a set lead score skill
  1. Edit the skill to select the score you wish to set
  1. Save and close

Note: Place your Set Lead Score skill after the web visitor’s information is captured (through either Email Capture or a Question) and a contact record is created. Lead scores can only be set for site visitors that have a contact record

Use Cases

Lead scores can be used to:

  1. Conditional branch within your chatbots
  2. Configure integration settings
  3. Analyze your conversation data

Lead Scores in Conditional Branching

One of the conditional branching criteria is the web visitor’s lead score: 

Use this type of branching in a Retargeting chatbot to customize messaging based on the outcomes of previous conversations. For more information on using the Conditional Branching skill, you can visit this support page

CRM Integration

When configuring the settings for CRM integrations, you can set a minimum lead score that must be reached for a lead to be sent to CRM.

Conversation Data Export

The conversation export contains a column for the lead score associated with the chat conversation: