Bot Finished Skill


Every skill in the bot builder has an exit that must be connected to another skill or the chatbot will crash. The only exception to this rule is the Bot Finished Skill. No next step is required when using this skill.

The Basics:

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Finishing a bot flow

  1. Insert a Bot Finished skill
  1. Connect the previous skill(s) to your new Bot Finished skill
  2. Remember to save changes

Best practices

Only use the bot finished skill when you've made it clear to the site visitor that the conversation is over. If a site visitor types a message into the chat after the chatbot has reached a bot finished skill, the bot will not respond.

Try instead: If you want site visitors to have the option to chat back in, try using a free response question, then connecting the "visitor response" button either back to the beginning of the chatbot, or to a live chat skill.

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