Conversational Content Chatbot

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What is it?

This bot type allows visitors to interact with your bot as they view custom content.

The bot will generate a unique web link after uploading a PDF. The bot then creates a unique web link to display the PDF. Anyone with the access link will view the PDF and Chatbot.

Creating a Conversational Content Bot 

  1.  From your Bot Management screen select Add New Bot in the Top Right corner
  2. Then select Conversational Content

Builder Tab 

The Builder tab is where you create the flow for your Conversational Content if you need help on how to Build a bot click here.

Content Tab 

The Content tab is toward the top left portion of the page where you upload the PDF you want to display to web visitors. To set up:

  1. Upload your PDF or Drag and drop it into the content section
  2. Customize your chat window. You can upload your logo, fill out the Page Title, and change the background color of the document
  3. Hit Save, and copy your link to your clipboard to share. Anyone with the link will access the PDF with the chatbot.

Note: You can also customize the link extension by updating the Page Name under Share Via Link

 Note: Only PDF files are supported in this section. 

How to Change the Subdomain

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Select Chat Settings>Chat Settings
  3. Select the Domains tab 
  4. In the Content Pages Settings, input the subdomain you desire, meaning the text that appears before the “” text in the Conversational Content URLs for your organization 
  5. Save Settings

Note: An administrator can only change this subdomain once – once they save a change once, this subdomain will permanently apply to the organization. 

Note: This affects all Conversational Content bot URLs in your organization 




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