Managing Skills


The Bot Builder features simple, drag-and-drop functionality. Each skill has an edit modal for customization and clearly defined "exits," to be connected to subsequent skills.


  1. Simply click and drag the skill from the Bot Skills Menu: 
  1. Or click and drag from the output of another skill to automatically connect the new skill to its predecessor: 


  1. Double click on the skill: 
  1. You can also hover over the skill and click on the edit icon: 
  1. Remember to save your changes at the bottom of the edit skill menu:


All skills (except for the End of Bot Flow Skill) have at least one skill exit. This is presented as a button exit. Each skill exit must be connected to another skill, or the chatbot will stall in the conversation because it won't know what to do next.  

  1. Click and drag from your first skill's exit to the next skill you want to connect it to: 
  1. Delete the connection between two skills by hovering over the skills’ connection and selecting the trash icon: 

Unconnected Skills

If you try to save your chatbot with unconnected skills, a warning modal will pop up.  In this warning, you can either view the unconnected skills or save anyway: 

If you select to view your unconnected skills, unconnected skills will be highlighted in red. To quickly navigate to the unconnected skills, click "jump to node" in the top right corner.


If you have a skill with a specific configuration that you want to reuse, you can clone your original skill. 

  1. Select the skill by pressing and holding Ctrl and clicking on the skill (i.e., Ctrl + click on the skill). Once the skill is selected, select the clone icon in the purple banner:
  1. Or hover over your skill and click on the copy icon: 

Note: The Bot Builder also supports multi-selecting skills to clone or creating a sequence template to reuse in other chatbots. To learn more about these features, see the View Options support page. 


  1. Hover over the skill and select the delete icon: 

Note: When deleting skills, there is no deletion confirmation. Exercise caution when deleting skills.  

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