Editing Personal Info

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Editing Personal Information

Update your profile with updated profile pictures, and modify your Name, Email and Phone.

Adding a Profile Picture

  1. Click on the profile picture icon:
  1. Drag and drop an image file from your computer, upload an image from your computer, or used Linked in:

If you select the option to use your LinkedIn Profile picture:

  1. Sign into your LinkedIn, so the system can obtain your LinkedIn profile picture to use as your profile picture:

Note: We recommend that chat agents have a profile picture enabled. This creates a better chat experience for web visitors, signaling to them that are now speaking to a human and not a bot.

Editing Name, Email and Phone:

Edit your Name and Phone:
  1. Click on the field you want to change
  2. Update the field with desired information
  3. "Save Settings" in the top Right
Edit your Email:
  1. Click the Pencil Icon
  2. Fill out Email field, and Confirm Email
  3. Click "Change Email" button at the end
  1. You will then receive a confirmation email of the change
  2. Go to you emails, and confirm that you want to change your email

  1. This link will take you back to your Signals Account will you will need to confirm one last time that you are okay with the email change.

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