PlayRunner Overview

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PlayRunner Overview

What is PlayRunner?

Use PlayRunner to automate portions of your marketing and sales processes. Some of the customization options available include:

Open PlayRunner

Now that you are ready to start automating and engaging with your visitors open PlayRunner by clicking "Open PlayRunner" on the overview screen or by clicking anywhere on PlayRunner preview.

Enabling PlayRunner

Before you enable PlayRunner make sure you have the following items complete:

  1. Your Play Entry is connected to a Branching Skill or Play
  2. You have at least one Play connected to your "Play entry" or Branching
  3. Verify that if your Play has an exit that it is connected to "End Play"
  4. Publish and Save your PlayRunner(Upload arrow on the top right corner)

Once you have completed the above items you are ready to activate PlayRunner.

Turn on PlayRunner by Toggling on "Enable PlayRunner".

Need Help Building a Play?

Check out this helpdoc! It will walk you through where to start when building a play.

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