Tag Conversation Skill


Conversation Tags are vital for organization, tracking, and reporting. They create data points that can be assigned to a conversation automatically by bots, or manually by chat agents. Effective conversation tags allow you to see trends in your backend data, use default reports, and quickly filter your Chat menu.

The Basics

Need help getting started? Check out these great resources:

Adding a tag conversation skill

  1. Insert a tag conversation skill
  1. Edit the skill to select the tag(s) you want to apply
  1. If you do not see the right Conversation Tag, you can create one from this menu. 
  2. Save and close

Creating a new tag

  1. In the edit modal, select the “Create a New Tag” icon 
  1.  Configure your conversation tag the same way you would in settings
  2. After saving your new tag, remember to return to the skill's edit modal and select it from the dropdown menu.

Using the Tag Conversation Skill 

When you have placed your Tag Conversation skills appropriately in your bot(s), you can use them in (1) filtering the chat menu, (2) conversation data exports, and (3) the Reports dashboard

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