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Branching skills create conditional branching for your play, meaning you can send visitors down a specific path based on the conditions you set.

Using Branching Skills

To use any of the 4 branching skills available, you must first understand the way that branching conditions work.


  • Branches are where you can filter out coniditons to create a visitor experience. A visitor must match all selected criteria in order to follow a branch. Depending on the skill each branch can have one or more conditions to identify the visitor by.
  • Each branch you create corresponds to a different path for the visitor to follow depending on the criteria available for the specific skill type used.


  • Each condition consists of one or more criteria, of which ALL must be true for the condition to resolve as true. You can have both AND and OR relationships for conditions under a specific branch depending on the skill.


  • The criteria available for each condition vary depending on the type of skill being used.
  • You can also add a fallback path that simply routes visitors that did not match the conditions on any of the branches available. If no fallback path is configured and none of the conditions are met, the play will stop at this point.

Skill Specific Information

The skill types that will be discussed on this support page are:

  • Availability
  • Company Segment
  • Current Webpage
  • Geography
  • Visitor Attributes

Availability Skill

The Availability Skill allows you to filter your audience based on the availability of the Company, Account Owner or Team.

After hitting save and close you will be provided two branches, "Available" or "Unavailable" to map from.

For more information on setting up your own availability, check the Calendar Page

  • For more information on setting up company availability settings, check the Chat Availability Page under Company Chat Availability
  • For more information on setting up teams and team availability, check the Teams Page

Watch this video for a walk-through on the Availability skill.

Company Segment Skill

This skill requires that segments be created beforehand to be selected. Without segments, this skill cannot be set up and used.

In the company segment Skill, you can select the company segment you want from the drop-down and rename the branch to help identify the segment.

Current Webpage Skill

This skill is great for creating a visual flow to determine where your chatbots will fire.

Adding more than 1 URL or URL path to a branch

To have more than one page for your play to fire on select "Or" to the right of where you entered the URL or URL path.

Unique Branches for each URL or URL path

To add a new branch to current web pages, select "add new branch" and enter the desired criteria.


Use this skill when you want to perform certain actions based on the visitor's location. Some use cases include:

  • SDR teams that manage different Regions
  • Design custom bots for each region you sell to
  • This skill can also be used to exclude specific regions to which you do not sell to.

To Use this skill, you can select Regions from the drop-down or by selecting individual countries.

Visitor Attributes

Use this skill when you would like to continue your play flow based on the visitor's previous interactions with you on your website.

You can filter your visitors by Total website visits, days since lasted visit, If they booked a meeting, Interacted with a bot(on a previous session visit), and if Email is known or not known.

Best Practice: When using the branch "interacted with bots" make sure to branch this prior to the "Fire Bot" skill. As it is only taking into account previous sessions and not the visitor's current session.

Note: Visitor attributes are go off of day, and not sessions. Ex: two visits in one date would only count as one site visit.

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