Calendar Invite Skill

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The calendar invite skill allows you to automatically present a calendar to a web visitor so they can book a meeting from available times on the linked calendar. 

This support page explains how to set up your Calendar Invite Skill with its different settings and options. 

The Basics:

Need help getting started? Check out these great resources:

Adding Calendar Invite

  1. Drag and drop your skill to the desired location in flow and click edit
  2. Fill out "Post-Drop Message" This is the text that is presented to the visitor before the calendar is presented.
  3. Select Meeting type from the drop-down below "Meeting Select".
    Note: If you need to create a new meeting type click the purple plus sign to be redirected to your meeting settings.
  1. Set up your agent routing by clicking the drop downs and filling out which agent the meeting should be scheduled for.
    *Optional: You can choose to ADD FALLBACK CRITERIA. The only time the chatbot would use the fallback is if it was routing to a team where everyone on the team was out of the office.
  2. Optional: Select follow-up settings. You can Prompt the visitor for text message reminders (this is a nice way to get visitor's phone numbers without having to ask another question in the bot) or you can send a follow-up email if the visitor doesn't book a meeting.

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